With our service you don’t know to install anything on your own server. We host the demos & manage the demo sites for you.

Option 1: Simple easy, quick and free

The easiest way to start is to link to https://wpdemo.net/try and pass the plugin or theme parameter. Either of those can be a zip file or plugin or theme’s WordPress.org slug.

Create a WordPress plugin demo using its slug 
Example: plugin page: wordpress.org/plugins/orbisius-child-theme-creator
slug: orbisius-child-theme-creator
link: https://wpdemo.net/try?plugin=orbisius-child-theme-creator

Create a WordPress plugin demo using a direct download link

Create a WordPress theme demo using its WordPress.org slug 
Example: plugin page: wordpress.org/themes/oceanwp
slug: oceanwp
link: https://wpdemo.net/try?theme=oceanwp

Create a WordPress theme demo using a direct download link

Option 2: Advanced

You can use the features from option 1 and pass additional parameters such as redirect url (user can land on your plugin/theme’s main page), support and buy now links.

Another option is that we can create a demo site template that you’ll be able to configure it the way you’d like it. We’ll package it and all the demo sites will be based on that site.

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