On this service you can quickly try and see how the WordPress CMS works for free.

You don’t need an account or anything like that.

This free WordPress demo is sponsored and powered by WPDemo.net

This demo WordPress site for testing purposes only. It is password protected and can’t be used to host your site with us.

Is WordPress good for beginners. Yes. It has evolved a lot through out the years. Additionally, there are tons of videos and courses on YouTube or LinkedIn.

You can totally try WordPress for free from this service. You don’t need to purchase WordPress hosting, domain or have a registration with us.


Keep in mind that for security reasons the demo has some restrictions.

  • The demo will expire within a few hours
  • The demo is password protected to prevent spammers and scammers from abusing the service. You will be automatically auto-logged in so you don’t need to enter it or remember it.
  • The service doesn’t send outgoing emails.
  • The demos have some sample content.
  • PHP Exec commands have been deactivated (system(), exec(), shell_exec())
  • The demo installation is private and not shared so you won’t see another user’s test content. You’re welcome 🙂

If you need a demo that you can customize or get own server (managed by us) contact us and tell us your requirements.