Swift SMTP is a free & simple SMTP Plugin for WordPress.

Are you struggling with emails not being delivered from your WordPress website?

Custom SMTP Settings

Swift SMTP allows you to configure custom SMTP settings for your WordPress site, ensuring more reliable sending and delivery through your preferred service.

  • Set “From” email address
  • Set “From” name
  • Define email content type (HTML or plain text)
  • Set SMTP host
  • Set up SMTP encryption & port (SSL or TSL)
  • Set up SMTP authentification through username & password

Customize WordPress Welcome Emails

When a user is added to or signs up for a website, WordPress sends notifications to both the site administrator and the new user. This plugin allows you to customize & change those emails.

  • Change email subject
  • Change email content
  • Add an attachment
  • Change “Reply-To” email address & name
  • & more

Change WordPress Reset Password Email

Swift SMTP also lets you customize the default Forgot Password email in WordPress.

  • Change email subject
  • Change email content