Protect admin accounts from being deleted or modified by other users. This plugin will always be hidden from all users other than the admin who installs it.


This plugin protects selected WP Admin accounts, and standard posts created by those Admins, from being deleted or edited by other users. This plugin is hidden from all users other than the Admin who installs it. Only users with the “Administrator” role can be protected.
This plugin might be useful if you want to share admin access with other users (i.e. IT team, developers, etc) but don’t want to risk impacting the accounts of certain Admins. Or, perhaps you’re the developer or IT member who might need this plugin to prevent other non-technical Admins from accidentally deleting your account or key Admins on specific projects.

How It Works

As soon as the plugin is activated, it will store the ID of the user that activates the plugin. The plugin will then be hidden from all users other than this user.

You can choose which Admin accounts (yours or others) to protect. Only the Admin who activates the plugin can save its settings. Other users won’t see the Settings page or the menu.

Once protected admin accounts are selected on the Settings page, other users and admins will NOT be able to:

delete the protected Admin accounts.

access the profile edit page for the protected Admin accounts.

change the role of the protected Admin accounts.

select the protected Admin accounts in the bulk actions on users list page.

Additionally, if other users or Admins, under unlikely circumstances, are able to access the user profile page of the protected Admin accounts using other plugins, this plugin will prevent any modifications from being saved.

Similar to the above, if other users or Admins are able to change the protected Admin account’s email address via the Profile page, this plugin will revert it back to the original email address.

Also, should someone attempt to edit a protected Admin’s account, the attempted action will be logged to the database. You can view recent attempts under Logs within the plugin’s section.

Important Reminder

Once you deactivate the plugin, all users with the ability to manage plugins (activate plugins capability) will be able to see the plugin. It is advised to only deactivate the plugin when you feel safe to do so. Otherwise you can just enable or disable protection from the plugin’s Settings page.
If you want to be extra cautious (depending on your needs), you should also manually disallow file edit. This plugin doesn’t do that because some people might still need it.
define( ‘DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT’, true );
This plugin has NOT been tested with other user management plugins or role editor plugins. Hence its use alongside these types of plugins is not guaranteed to work as intended.

Email Notification

You can choose to get notified by email when someone attempts to modify your protected Admin accounts. Easily enable or disable email notification when you upgrade to Protect Admin PRO.

Protect Admin PRO

Be the first to know when someone is attempting to modify your protected admin accounts.

Get access to all logs and data of users who try to modify the protected admin accounts (the FREE version only records the most recent attempt).

Protect standard posts and pages made directly by protected Admins.

See more.


Upload plugin folder to /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin from your WordPress dashboard Plugins>Add New.

Activate the plugin.

Go to Users>User Protection to configure the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a notification email when someone attempts to modify my protected admin accounts?
You have to upgrade to the PRO version.

How can I see who are attempting to modify my protected admin accounts?
Login to your site, and then go to Users > User Protection. The details are shown at the bottom of the option page.

Can I protect more than one administrator account?
Yes! Since version 0.2.0, you can protect more than just one admin account.

Can I translate this plugin to my language?
Yes! You can find .pot file inside the /languages directory in the plugin’s root folder.

Does this plugin work on WordPress multisite?
This plugin has not been tested on WordPress multisite. It may or may not work on WordPress multisite.

How can I protect user with custom role or roles other than admin?
At this time, only user with administrator role can be protected. This might change in future updates.