The Ultimate WordPress Video Player.


Take your video to another level and delight your viewers will a modern video experience they will love you for.

The Best Video Player For WordPress Is Here ★★★★★

Video is the best way to connect with your website visitors. We created Presto Player, a WordPress Video Player, to help every website owner get more attention, brand loyalty, and profit, with video.

Presto Player provides game-changing features that are powerful yet so simple to use that it feels like magic.
Presto Player is the best and easiest way to add video to your website.


  • Marketers
  • Online Course Creators
  • Bloggers
  • Any Website With Video
    Presto Player is also the perfect Wistia Alternative because its built on the worlds most open platform, WordPress.


    See the features that make Presto Player the Best Video Player for WordPress.

  • Built specifically for the Block Editor.
  • Works with all page builder
  • Custom Elementor & Beaver Builder modules.
  • Multiple video presets.
  • HTML5, Youtube and Vimeo video support.
  • LMS Learner controls.
  • LearnDash Video Progression
  • Multilingual Captions.
  • Player branding.
  • Custom poster images.
  • Lazy load HTML5 and Youtube video for screaming performance.
  • Kadence Theme Integration
  • RankMath Integration
  • AutomatorWP Integration
  • Global video hub.

Pro Features
Self-hosted private video.
Public and private video via
HLS Adaptive Streaming.
Video analytics.
Google analytics integration.
Muted autoplay preview
Video chapters.
Custom video presets.
* integration.

Why Presto Player is such a game-changer?

  • Video Players Are Expensive — Most video services carry a hefty monthly fee from $29 – $199 per month regardless of how much you use them. With Presto Player you can unleash the power of video for free.
  • Video Players Are Closed — Perhaps the worst part of using other video players are that they are based on a closed platform that limits you in every way. Presto Player is open and sits on top of WordPress.
  • Video Services Lock You In — We believe in using a platform where everything is on your domain, and you control all your data. Presto Player puts you in control and in the driver’s seat.

    Presto Player is perfect for:

    ✔ Bloggers
    ✔ Course Creators
    ✔ Coaches / Trainers
    ✔ eCommerce Store Owners
    ✔ Niche Sites
    ✔ Businesses
    ✔ Local Businesses
    ✔ Startups
    ✔ Personal Brands
    ✔ Real Estate Agents
    ✔ Artists & Photographers
    ✔ All WordPress Websites


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    1. Upload the Presto Player folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
    2. Activate the Presto Player plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does Presto Player host my video files?
    Presto Player offers multiple hosting location options for your web-optimized videos. With our free version can self host your video or use Youtube or Vimeo. Our Pro version includes deep integration with
    In addition, any video host that gives you a public link to the video can be used with Presto Player, including HLS streams. Learn How
    Soon we will be adding Amazon S3 and all the various services that also use the same API such as Wasabi and Digital Ocean.

    Does Presto Player work with my page builder

    Presto Player will work with all page builders. You simply add a video to the Media Hub and use the
    provided shortcode in your page builder. However Presto Player also provides native Gutenberg Blocks,
    Elementor, and Beaver Builder. We are planning on creating a native integration with Divi,
    and Oxygen Builder that will function exactly like our Elementor widget does.

    Does Presto Player work with LearnDash’s video progression?
    Yes, it most certainly does! And just like everything else we do, its very easy to use. Head on over to
    our integrations page to see how easy it is.

    What does “web optimized video” mean?
    When you create a video that you want to display on your website, it first needs to be transcoded in a web-optimized format. When using a service such as YouTube, you can upload a video in any format and YouTube will transcode it for you. However, when you are self-hosting your video or using one of our integrations such as BunnyNet, you first need to transcode your video.
    It’s a very simple and easy process that we have created an easy to follow tutorial on, however if you skip this step your video viewers will most likely have issues with video playback.

    How do I get captions created for my Presto Player videos?
    There are many caption creation services available. We use HappyScribe because we like the interface and features they provide, but you can use any captioning service. Your captions need to be exported in the industry standard VTT format.

    Does Presto Player secure my videos?
    Presto Player Pro offers a public and private video option. Private videos are only accessible when a user is logged into your website. In addition Presto Player will use dynamic expiring links to your private videos.
    Is cases where someone may want to dig through the html on your web page where a video is to try and find the url, that url will not work.
    In addition, BunnyNet will be adding video encryption which will further video security.
    Lastly, soon we will be releasing our dynamic overlays feature which will optionally enable you to show the logged in users details as a watermark overlay to discourage screen recording. This is something only possible with Presto Player because it’s deeply integrated with WordPress.

    What is the cost of using BunnyNet?
    One of the main advantages of using Presto Player is our integration with BunnyNet to store and deliver your media. Presto Player will set everything up for you and the cost is extremely affordable.
    You will be paying for 2 things, storage and bandwidth. Storage will cost between $0.01 – $0.03 per gigabyte stored per month. To give you an example, I have two online courses and combined all the videos take up 0.69 gigabytes. So my anticipated cost per month is $0.03 to store the videos with them.
    The next cost is for bandwidth. If you have 1 video that is 10 megabytes, each time that video is fully viewed it will consume 10 megabytes of bandwidth. The cost of bandwidth is $0.005 per gigabyte transferred. So if you use 100 gigabytes of bandwidth per month, you will be paying $0.50 per month.
    See our BunnyNet cost calculator.
    It is also important to point out that BunnyNet has a $1 per month minimum.