A super easy way to create a beautiful and responsive portfolio for your WordPress websites. Portfolio filter gallery is fully responsive and works with all devices like Macbook, desktop PC, tablets, mobile.
The first portfolio plugin in WordPress for a separate category page.


  • Filters – an easy way to create filters for portfolio galleries
  • Bootstrap Lightbox – the best and responsive bootstrap image lightbox
  • Multiple Column Layout – show the portfolio gallery in multiple columns like two columns, three columns, four columns
  • Responsive – all device compatible like PC, Mac, tabs, phones
  • Numbering – show numbering on images
  • Title – show image title / label / caption on gallery images
  • Spacing or Without Spacing – Show gallery with and without spacing
  • Gray Scale – make beautiful photo gallery with Grayscale effect
  • Masonry – masonry style image photo video galleries
  • Multi-Color For Filters – apply multiple colors for filters button


Portfolio Filtration

  • Sparate page of portfolio filters
  • Create filters
  • Edit filters
  • Delete filters

Bootstrap Lightbox

  • Onclick lightbox on the gallery
  • Navigation with the portfolio
  • Display title with the gallery

Multiple Column Layout

  • Show in 2, 3 column layout with portfolio
  • Manage space of the gallery

Responsive Portfolio

  • Show portfolio gallery with responsive mode
  • Show gallery with desktop and mobile with center align

Title On Portfolio

  • Show title on gallery in a unique way
  • Title with background color option on the gallery
  • Show discription with gallery no limit
  • Show read more link option

Ease Of Customization

  • Create your portfolio with the easiest way on the WordPress
  • Create filters on a separate page
  • Choose filters with your images of portfolio
  • Filter images according to the category

Masonry Portfolio Gallery

  • Masonry layouts are a great choice for creating galleries
  • Show your portfolio with an uneven height of images
  • Manage sccording to window size

Link Option

  • Link your portfolio with external page or site
  • You can link your portfolio gallery with separate image
  • Option for open link into same tab or new tab

Video Option

  • Show your work or portfolio with images and videos
  • Show portfolio gallery with vemio or youtube videos
  • Youtube icon on hover
  • Vemio icon on hover
  • Close button availabe
  • Esc close option