Disable or enable the WordPress notification e-mails (new user, changed password, automatic updates, etc.). Works perfectly in combination with a lot of other plugins!


With this plugin you can switch the different WordPress notification e-mails on and off, like options as the new user and password change notifications send by WordPress to the administrator and user. Works perfectly in combination with a lot of other plugins!
Watch this nice tutorial made by Robert Orzanna:


The options you can manage are:
1. New user notification to admin
2. New user notification to user
3. Notify post author
4. Notify moderator
5. Password change notification to admin
6. Password change notification to user
7. E-mail address change notification to user
8. Forgotten password e-mail to user
9. Forgotten password e-mail to administrator
10. Automatic WordPress core update e-mail
11. Automatic WordPress plugin update e-mail
12. Automatic WordPress theme update e-mail
13. Send admin notifications to extra admin e-mail addresses (1.7.0)
14. Send an e-mail to administrators after a user requested to update his or her e-mail address (1.7.0)
15. Send an e-mail to administrators after a user successfully updated his or her e-mail address (1.7.0)
16. Multi-site support! Now you can manage your notification settings in one single environment (1.8.0)
17. Export and import settings (1.8.0)
The automatic core, plugin, and theme updates have a special built-in feature. When one of these options is disabled, successful e-mails don’t get send out, but failed updates still will send an e-mail to the admin.
This version contains some nice new stuff. If you find any issues, let me know. If you like the new features, please be so kind to give this plugin a good rating! It will help me to keep up the good work for you 🙂
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1. Upload manage-notification-emails.zip via the plugins menu
2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. Use the settings-page to enable or disable sending of notifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it active right away?
Yes, after activating you can go to the settings page and disable or enable the notification e-mails that suits you.

Can I use this plugin for multi-site?
Yes! starting from version 1.8.0 multi-site is supported.

Disabling user notifications does not work

Some other plugins also use their custom notifications which overwrite the core notifications of WordPress. To be sure, please first try the plugin without other plugins installed or at least temporarily disable them.