You can set up the career feed by simply copy-pasting the shortcode on the respective page. Using this job board plugin add all the details like job title, description, and any other additional features based on your requirement.

As the jobs can be listed according to the locations, job types, and category, it offers extra comfort to both the admin and the user.

Major Features of the WordPress Job Manager Plugin

☞ Add and Manage Job Post

The Job Application plugin provides the space to add and manage the details related to the job like title, description, and job expiry.

☞ List the jobs under locations, job types, and categories

This career plugin allows you to include the location, type of job, and related category in your job portal. Therefore, both the job seeker and employer can easily sort them based on these details.

☞ Multiple methods to apply for a job post

The plugin lets you create an apply form with required fields on the WordPress job board to collect data from the applicants. If in case you want to receive the application via mail, simply disable the form and provide the corresponding email address.

☞ Feature special jobs with an extra badge

Feature any urgent jobs with a special badge using the Featured Listing option. It helps to highlight a particular job from others. You can use this feature by simply selecting the Featured Job checkbox while adding or editing a job.

☞ Upload the resumes in multiple formats

This WordPress job board plugin allows the applicants to upload their resumes in multiple formats like .doc, pdf, and .docx.

☞ Display of expired or filled jobs

This option allows the admin to hide or show the expired and filled jobs. It helps the applicants get a better view of the vacancies and job listings.

☞ Social share for jobs

You can share suitable job openings within groups. Enable the Social Share button and add the platforms that you want to share.

☞ Undo all the changes in a single click

The career plugin provides a Reset To Default button in the General settings. By clicking on this button, you can undo all the changes that you have made and reset to the original.

☞ Add additional features for the job

Apart from adding the job title, and description, you can also include some additional features related to the job. There may come many situations to add extra features related to the job such as experience, salary, and so on.

☞ The feature to import the settings data

You can import the plugin data by simply copying the text from the Export textbox and replacing the data in the textbox of another install.

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☞ Customize your career page with accordion layout

This job portal plugin for WordPress helps you to customize the job page with an Accordion layout other than the normal List layout.

☞ Add custom fields in the application form

Add additional fields in the Apply now form of each job post. The plugin offers 7 different field types for a new field. The admin can choose any one among the list and customize the Apply now form efficiently.

☞ Add additional features

This recruitment plugin for WordPress lets you add additional features for an individual job post.

☞ Improved job filter with keywords

Besides location, category, and job type, the premium version of the plugin offers additional search filters called keywords.Besides location, category, and job type, the premium version of the plugin offers additional search filters called keywords.

☞ Validated using ReCaptcha

To improve security, the WordPress job manager plugin provides ReCaptcha validation for the job application.

☞ Shows custom job application status and allows to set Emails

The job board plugin also allows you to set emails based on the custom statuses. By updating the application status, the corresponding email will be sent to the applicant.

☞ Override theme style

By enabling the override theme style, you can customize the text color, button color, background color, and much more. It helps you to set up a color pattern related to the website theme.

☞ Customize Email content and subject

Here, you can customize both the email content and subject with multiple placeholders to use as dynamic data.

For the complete list of features, Please visit Job Manager & Career plugin’s official page.

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