This plugin disables the new Gutenberg Editor (aka Block Editor) and replaces it with the Classic Editor. You can disable Gutenberg completely, or selectively disable for posts, pages, roles, post types, and theme templates. Plus you can hide the Gutenberg nag, menu item, and more!

The Disable Gutenberg plugin restores the classic (original) WordPress editor and the “Edit Post” screen. So you can continue using plugins and theme functions that extend the Classic Editor. Supports awesome features like Meta Boxes, Quicktags, Custom Fields, and everything else the Classic Editor can do.

Super light & fast plugin, super easy on server resources!


Gutenberg is a useful rich text editor but sometimes you want to disable it.
You don’t necessarily need it for all posts, pages, user roles, post types, or theme templates.
Disable Gutenberg allows you to disable Gutenberg and replace it with the Classic Editor.

Lots of WordPress users already enjoy other page builders such as Composer or Elementor and prefer not to switch.