Clarity is an ad blocker for your WordPress admin. It hides obtrusive plugin and theme notifications
asking you to pay for upgraded version or to collect your personal data.


Basic usage
The plugin requires zero configuration. Simply install and activate Clarity and obtrusive ads will disappear. Please see the
Frequently Asked Questions for information about how to troubleshoot or add new entries to the block list.


PHP 7.0 or higher




1. Upload the clarity-ad-blocker folder to /wp-content/plugins/
2. Activate the plugin (Clarity – Ad blocker for WordPress) through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
3. You’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the settings page?
The plugin has no settings page, it works without any need to configure it. If you are still seeing some unwanted banners, see below.
A plugin I’m using is still showing banners or notifications!
Clarity works using a visual block list, similar to a browser ad blocker. Plugins have to be added manually.
You can create an issue to ask for a plugin to be supported.
You can also make a GitHub pull request to the official block list –
in that case, add an entry to the definitions.txt file with a CSS selector that hides the notification.

I am a plugin or theme author, how can I avoid being filtered?
Please create an issue and select “Ask for filter removal”.
Generally, your plugin must fulfill the following:
– Your notifications are shown only on an option page that belongs to your plugin, and nowhere else.
– Your notifications are shown only for Administrator role users.
– You have unique CSS classes to make it easy to identify different types of notifications that you use.