The SEO Framework will prefill all critical meta tags for you. A real time-saver.

The SEO Framework works on many things without notifying you, because the best software is fast, nimble, responsive, and should save you precious time. Here are a few things it does behind the screens.

It prevents canonical errors for categories, pages, subdomains, and WordPress Multisite domain mapping.
It stops SEO attacks that are caused by pagination exploits in WordPress by telling the search engine to look at the existing last page instead.
It discourages 404 pages and empty categories from being indexed, even when they don’t send a 404 response.
It automatically notifies Google and the Bing network on website updates when sitemaps are enabled.
It discourages search engines from indexing feeds and the sitemap. This doesn’t mean they won’t use them; only, they won’t show them in their search results.
It directs search engines from the comment pages back to the post storing those comments.